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Britain's best selling sweetener was condemned as dangerous and potentially toxic in a report compiled by some of the world's biggest soft drinks manufacturers - who now buy tons of it to add to diet drinks. Even chewable nutrient supplements like vitamin D3 and calcium tablets which are prescribed by doctors in the UK contain aspartame. Recently it has had a name change and is being called 'aminosweet.'

Aspartame is used in over 6,000 products worldwide, and is consumed habitually by millions of people every day. When aspartame is digested by the human body, it is broken down into aspartic acid, phenylalanine and methanol. The phenylalanine is synthetically modified to carry a methyl group which provides the sweetness.

Methanol causes all types of biochemical health problems in humans with many symptoms unrecognized as associated to aspartame use. This is because aspartame builds up in the frontal lobe of the brain and is cumulative over time. Humans cannot metabolize or break it down enough to limit its damage.

Coca Cola, Pepsi and other manufacturers produced the report in the early l980s before the sweetener aspartame, had been approved for use in America. It warns that it can affect the workings of the brain, changes behaviour and even encourages users to eat extra carbohydrate, so destroying the point of using diet drinks.

The documents were unearthed under freedom of information legislation. It follows a decision by researchers at King's College in London to study suspected links between aspartame intake and brain tumours.

Diet coke and countless other sugar free products such as chewing gum could be responsible for many serious illnesses and deaths as the methanol included is a poison which slowly builds up in various parts of the body because it takes a long time to excrete. Aspartame is marketed under trademarked names like "Nutrasweet", "Canderel", "Spoonful", "Equal-Measure" and "Equal" .

Other products that contain aspartame are: Coca Cola and Pepsi drinks, Children’s Tylenol Chewable Tablets, Flintstones Complete Children’s Chewable Vitamins, Metamucil Sugarfree, Breath Savers, Wrigley’s Extra Sugar Free Gum, Kellogg’s All Bran, Chewable Vitamin D supplements, Twin Labs Endurance Quick fix Powder, Calcilyte.

There are over 92 health side effects associated with aspartame consumption. Because aspartame can dissolve into solution it can travel throughout the body and deposit in any tissue. Aspartame brings on clinical diabetes and can cause convulsions.

Aspartame makes the consumer gain weight because it causes powerful sugar cravings which is ironic when it is consumed by people wishing to avoid sugar.

Toxicity effects of aspartame

The are a very large and growing number of persons who are experiencing chronic health problems similar to the side effects of chronic methanol poisoning when ingesting aspartame-containing products for a significant length of time.

Test results have only been taken seriously since 1982 which is not long enough to establish long term damage. One serious side affect is eye damage similar to the type of eye damage seen in methanol poisoning cases.


Aspartame has not been tested for long enough to know the ramifications. It did cause brain tumours in lab rats but the UK government chose to ignore this and only took the aspartame manufacturers test as evidence allowing the US to sell it in the UK even though it was banned in their own! The following are two ingredients used to manufacture aspartame:



It takes approximately 60 times less free (unbound to protein) phenylalanine given to humans to produce similar biochemical changes in the animal experiments mentioned above.  This has been confirmed by every research except the manufacturer's lab. The sweetener aspartame contains phenylalanine as part of its chemical makeup. Feeding this sweetener at high levels to individuals with the tendency toward phenylketonuria can aggravate their problem.



It takes 10 times less methanol to kill a human as it does a rodent. In addition, it appears that rodents do not have adverse effects and chronic poisoning from low levels of methanol as do humans. Or, if they do, it may require a dose of much more than 10 times the dose given to humans to cause the same effects.



These are small structures within each cell that work to detoxify methanol. Humans do not have enough of these structures to convert formaldehyde to the less harmful, formic acid. Formaldehyde is a deadly neurotoxin. Human tissues are damaged and symptoms occur that include; vision problems, dizziness, headaches, nausea, gastrointestinal disturbances, vertigo, weakness and memory lapses to name just a few.


During the process of digestion, aspartame releases aspartate. Aspartate is an excitatory amino acid that is used by the neurons in the brain as a neurotransmitter. It is a natural and necessary body chemical that is allowed to cross the blood-brain barrier. This barrier is meant to protect the brain from the invasion of harmful chemicals. It, however, cannot discern the right level up for which the natural neurotransmitters should cross the barrier. As a result, when these excitatory amino acids cross the barrier in excess, they can build up to undetected toxic levels that can poison and kill the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord causing seizures, paralysis and death.


Artificial sweeteners trigger pleasure centres in the brain, even though less pleasure is experienced by ingesting them. The reason for this is, while artificial sweeteners give immediate pleasure, they do not actually satisfy the brain because they deliver no caloric value, leaving the user wanting even more. Because there is little actual satisfaction associated with the use of artificial sweeteners, weight gain also occurs. Those who habitually use aspartame are known to gain more weight over time than those who use real sugar.


Side-effects of aspartame consumption


Aspartame side effects make up more than 75% of all the food reactions reported. Some, like seizures and death, are serious. Symptoms include heart palpitations, insomnia, nausea, migraines, breathing trouble, vertigo, memory loss, depression, muscle spasms and vision problems amongst others. 


Aspartame may trigger, mimic, cause or exacerbate the following health issues:

If you are a user of any products with aspartame, and you have physical, visual or mental problems,  take the 60-day no aspartame test. If, after two months with no aspartame, your symptoms are either gone, or are much less severe, please get involved to get this neurotoxin off the market. In 1967, Seven infant monkeys were tested with aspartame. The result was one died and all the other 6 suffered grand mal seizures. Another test found it caused brain tumours to form in rats.


Note: It often takes at least sixty days without any aspartame to see a significant improvement. Check all labels very carefully (including vitamins and pharmaceutical drugs). Look for the word "aspartame" on the label and avoid it. (Also, it is a good idea to avoid "acesulfame-k" or "sunette.")


It seems that adverse aspartame test results have been swept under the carpet by the corporate companies who manufacture and supply it and those who gave permission for it to be used in foods and pharmaceutical drugs had vested interests. For your own health, and especially that of your children, aspartame, which has no nutritional value whatsoever, should be avoided completely.


Nature Cures diet to detoxify the body

It is possible to clean and detoxify the body of the toxins from aspartame by eating plenty of fruit, vegetables and certain herbs and spices. Blend a steamed selection of the vegetables, herbs and spices together to create a potage soup. Similarly blend fruits with herbs, nutmeg and cinnamon to create 'smoothies'.


Raw juice therapy can also help to cleanse the body of the toxins built up through consuming products containing aspartame.


Drink plenty of bottled or filtered mineral water to avoid the chorine and fluoride chemicals added to tap water and add more essential minerals to the diet.

Vegetables: Algae, alfalfa, artichoke, beetroot, bell peppers, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, chicory, chilli peppers, cucumber, garlic, hops, kale, lettuce, okra, onions, peas, radishes, rocket, seaweed, spinach, tomato, turnips and watercress.

Whole grains and pseudo-grains: Amaranth, barley, brown rice, buckwheat, oats, quinoa, rye, spelt and wheat.

Fruit and juices: Apricots, cranberries, grapes, lemon, limes, mangos, melon, oranges, papaya, peaches, pomegranate, soursop and tangerines.

Seeds: Chia, flax, hemp, nasturtium, poppy, pumpkin, sesame, sunflower and watermelon.

Nuts: Almonds, Brazil, coconut, hazelnuts and walnuts.

Common herbs and spices: Basil, cardamom, chilli, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, cumin, curry, dill, fennel, ginger, nutmeg, oregano, parsley, peppercorns, rosemary, sage, safflower and turmeric.

Medicinal herbs

Other foods that help detoxification

Daily morning liver cleanser

The liver has one of the first stop jobs of sorting through the food and toxins that are ingested. It can regenerate itself if minor damage from excessive toxins occurs but eventually it will get clogged and overworked which is when food stops being digested properly and the rest of the system is affected. The following ingredients together taken in a glass of warm water first thing in the morning will detoxify the liver.

  • One lemon or lime juice

  • Apple cider vinegar (tablespoon)

  • Pure raw honey (teaspoon)

  • Turmeric (pinch)

  • Chilli pepper (pinch)

  • Cinnamon powder (pinch)

  • Ground coriander seeds (pinch)


Cabbage, kale, plums and prunes if suffering from thyroid gland problems, kidney or gall stones or infections.

Rosemary if pregnant or breastfeeding.

Angelica, cumin, ginger, turmeric, Japanese or Chinese knotweed, motherwort if taking anticoagulants (blood thinning medication), or hormone therapies and contraceptive pills or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin and ibuprofen, have heart problems or during the first three months of pregnancy or are breast feeding.

Note: motherwort may be habit forming

"Nature cures not the physician..." Hippocrates 460 BC


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