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CITRULLINE (Non-essential amino acid)



Citrulline is one of the three main amino acids in the urea cycle, along with arginine and ornithine. Once it passes the liver and intestines, it goes to the kidneys to be turned into arginine. Citrulline is taken up to a much greater degree in the gut than its counterpart arginine, and results in a higher plasma level of arginine via the arginine/ornithine/citrulline cycle. It is absorbed through numerous sodium dependent transporters.

The mechanism of which citrulline exerts its benefits is via aiding in ammonia detoxification. Ammonia is a by product from muscle metabolism during exercise. Citrulline, via arginine and nitric oxide synthase activity, reduces the oxygen cost of muscle processes and delays this process and enhances performance. It is implicated at increasing recovery rates during exercise and delaying time to exhaustion.

Citrulline rich foods can help to improve erectile dysfunction in men suffering from impotency and lower blood pressure, help the body to overcome fatigue and stress. The right amount of citrulline levels in the body promote increased energy and ensures the normal functioning of the immune system.


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