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Feb 2015 to Feb 2016

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Nat H Hawes SNHS Dip (advanced and sports nutrition) is a qualified nutritional and sports therapist and author of the new book, Nature Cures, who has been researching natural foods and their health benefits since 2003.

The Nature Cures book to accompany this website is now available to order.


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Monday 1st February 2016 at 03:20 pm

One year ago today, this website reached one million hits and that took almost five years since it was first posted up in 2010. Today, one year later, it just reached two million hits. Strange but true...


Suspected meningitis, especially when it is caused by a bacterial infection, is a medical emergency and an ambulance should be called immediately. It can be a life-threatening condition and the symptoms can develop very quickly. Read more

Sunday 31st January 2016 at 15:15 pm

Ways to recognise and prevent a stroke

Time is of the essence when someone is suffering a stroke. A stroke is a medical emergency as it can cause permanent damage to the neural pathways in the brain and is often fatal if not treated very promptly. The devastating effects can be reversed if a neurologist can treat the patient within three hours. Learn how to instantly recognise the symptoms of a stroke and how to prevent one from occurring through the diet. Read more

Saturday 30th January 2016 at 08:15 am

Because the links on each page were getting far too numerous, two new directories has been added to search through and find ailments, diseases and the hazards, toxins and health issues more easily.

A-Z of Ailments and Diseases

A-Z of Hazards to Human Health

Wednesday 27th January 2016 at 16:08 pm

Why pregnant women should beware of contracting toxoplasmosis from cats

How to treat MRSA, bacterial infections and boils naturally

Fighting off viruses

Wednesday 27th January 2016 at 16:08 pm

Natural ways to cure brain and neurological disorders

There are many nutrients vital for good brain function, cognition, memory and mood. Often drugs cause nutrient deficiencies which only adds to the already malfunction brain and nervous system. Read more

Read the first chapter of the Nature Cures book  

You can now visit this page to view a widget of the first chapter of the book.

Recovering from injury, surgery and infection

Nutrition is important when the body is healing. Here are the natural foods and nutrients required to speed up recovery. Read more

Tuesday 26th January 2016 at 05:33 am

Bone and Joint Disorders

So many people suffer from back pain and stiff painful joints and there can be many root causes of the inflammation leading to this pain such as nutrient deficiencies, heavy metal toxicity and allergies to certain components in foods. However, these are often not investigated by conventional medicine who all to often just prescribe pain killers to treat the symptoms not the cause. Pain killing medication can just make matters worse as they too affect the absorption of nutrients which may already be lacking and causing the problem plus pain killers allow the sufferer to continue to use the weakened bones and inflamed joints which causes even further damage. Pain and inflammation is the body's way of telling the host they need to stop, take stock and recover. If nutrients are missing they must be replaced and if something is causing the immune system to over-react or there is an overload of toxins in the system then these factors, responsible for the pain and inflammation, need to be eliminated. Read more

Monday 25th January 2016 at 12:01 am

Now the book has been published, I am spending some time tidying up this website which will be complete in a few days. The new format will make it far easier to find what you are looking for. A template was never used in the beginning which means each page has to be done one at a time which is rather a mammoth task but it cannot be done any other way because there are so many internal inks. I hope you enjoy the new look and layout.

Sunday 24th January 2016 at 10:01 am

Search Nature Cures for an ailment or disease


New alphabetical search engine added for all ailments and diseases covered by Nature Cures. See the A-Z of Ailments and Diseases.


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The Nature Cures book has been entered into the next People's Book Prize Awards taking place in spring.

Gout and uric acid

Gout is a condition usually caused by having too much uric acid in the body and the deposition of monosodium urate crystals in tissues. Too much uric acid may not cause gout symptoms for years, but after a time it can cause painful joint inflammation and it is more common in men. The problem is often not with the amount of uric acid produced by the body, but the fact that the body cannot excrete it well. Read more

Friday 22nd January 2016 at 11:55 am

Lectin-intolerance causes leptin-resistance

Your extra belly fat may be caused by lectin-intolerance causing leptin-resistance. Read more

Thursday 21st January 2016 at 08:20 am

Food allergies during pregnancy.

Many people are unaware that they may be intolerant to certain compounds in popular food products, such as wheat, found in so many processed foods these days. During pregnancy it is wise to consider reducing or even eliminating these compounds as they can cause nutrient deficiencies, low birth weight of the infant and even miscarriages. Two of the nutrients that can be reduced by a food allergy are vitamins B9 and K. Both of these are vital to the healthy development of the foetus. Read more

Wednesday 20th January 2016 at 03:26 am

Chapter one of the new Nature Cures book.

You can now read the first chapter of Nature Cures book.

Food Allergies

Nutrient deficiencies caused by food allergies may be responsible for at least 123 of today's serious health issues. Read more

Monday 18th January 2016 at 07:00 am

Is bread your worst enemy?

The gluten from bread can cause leaky gut syndrome which will have an impact on the immune system because proteins will leak into the blood stream and be attacked as foreign invaders. Then, because these proteins are similar to tissues in the body, the immune system then begins to attacks them also causing inflammation and many other symptoms depending upon which body tissues are being attacked.

The lectin in bread often ends up circulating in the body and in the brain where it can cause leptin-resistance. Leptin is the hormone responsible for telling the hypothalamus in the brain that food is not required because there is enough fat stored in the body. This will cause the brain to lower the metabolism and the amount of calories being burned and lead to weight gain. Read more

Tannins in plant foods may be linked to many health issues.

Tannins are water-soluble polyphenols that are present in many plant foods but excessive consumption can lead to many health issues such as headaches, migraines, gastrointestinal and kidney irritation, liver damage and more.

Sunday 17th January 2016

Why Food Allergies should always be investigated

Because humans can now consume such a wide variety of foods, from around the planet, it is hardly surprising that the body and immune system have not had time to adjust to these dietary changes which, in some cases, can lead to intolerances causing inflammatory reactions. Read more

Saturday 16th January 2016Nature Cuires

Seven ways to add a spring in your step in the winter...

When it is cold and skies are grey we often turn to comfort foods loaded with carbohydrates which can cause us to become sluggish with low energy levels. Here are seven ways to put a spring back into your step in the wintertime.  Read more

Thursday 14th January 2016

Now is the time to increase your vitamin D intake

Vitamin D is produced by cholesterol in the skin when it is exposed to sunshine. It is then stored in the fatty tissues of the body for between 30-60 days. During the winter months there is often not enough to last through until the sun reaches its optimal strength again around April leading to a deficiency unless extra vitamin D rich foods are consumed. Vitamin D is vital for many important processes and parts of the body not just the bones and teeth, as is often thought, and deficiency can lead to some seriously debilitating conditions. Read more

Wednesday 13th January 2016

How to boost your immune system this winter

During the winter we tend to consume more filling foods but often they are less nutritious and this may have an impact upon the immune system. Here some ways to boost your immune system during the winter. Read more

How to boost your mood this winter

Lack of sunlight, less outdoor activity and filling up on stodgier but less nutritional, foods when it is cold, can lead to a low mood. Here are some ways to naturally boost the mood anytime but especially during the winter. Read more

Tuesday 13th January 2016

The author of Nature Cures first book signing will take place on the 7th February in the bandstand at Merton Park. Watch this space for further details.

The Nature Cures book had its first feature on the Wellbeing page of BT.com

Sunday 10th January 2016

The Wonders of Aloe Vera Gel

Gel taken from fresh leaves of the aloe vera plant can help to treat a myriad of problems both internally and externally.  They are a very to take care of and harvest from so why not grow a plant in a pot at home for a constant supply? Read more

Saturday 9th January 2016

Nature Cures Book Customer Testimonials

Read what our customers have to say about the Nature Cures book.

Nature Cures Pain and Inflammation

Pain and inflammation is the body's natural response to make a person aware there is an adverse condition developing that needs immediate attention and should not be ignored. Dulling pain by the use of pain medications without resolving the underlying root cause can lead to more serious damage. Read more

Friday 8th January 2016

Head  Pressing in Pets

When a cat or dog repeatedly stands facing the wall or a corner and presses its head against it there may be a serious medical condition that needs urgent attention because many diseases can have head pressing as a clinical sign. Read more


New A to Z of natural foods and nutrients needed to control blood sugar and prevent and treat diabetes. Read more

Curry Leaf Plant

Curry leaves are useful in the reduction of the side effects from both chemotherapy and radiation therapy. They can also stop diarrhoea and protect the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, liver and the eyes. They also help to reduce high cholesterol levels and obesity and regulate blood sugar levels in diabetics. (Not to be confused with curry powder spices) Read more


Fenugreek seeds have many traditional uses, including nourishing the skin, respiratory system and pancreas. They also help the body to regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels, expel mucus and toxins and dissolve fat and are also high in nutrients. Read more

Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberry, also known as Amla, is rich in vitamin C and Indian gooseberry juice promotes proper functioning of the pancreas and can therefore help to prevent and treat diabetes. Read more

Mango leaves

Young fresh mango leaves can be used to treat diabetes by regulating insulin levels in the blood. They can also help improve blood lipid profiles. Read more


This is a supreme vegetable for those feeling weak, exhausted and suffering from depression. It absorbs water and ensures bulk in stools relieving constipation, feeds the good bacteria (probiotics), binds to excess cholesterol and toxins and stabilises cholesterol and the blood sugar levels to provide good protection against diabetes. It is good for the vision and lowers the risk of cataracts. It also maintains healthy mucus membranes and skin, treats acne, helps to develop immunity against infectious agents, reducing episodes of cold and cough and asthma, strengthens the bones, treats lung inflammation, sore throat and irritable bowel syndrome and helps to protect against colon, liver, kidney, lung and oral cavity cancers. Read more


Wakame has been farmed by the Japanese since the Nara period of 710 AD to 794 AD. It is the brown algae used to flavour Asian soups and salads and often found in miso soup and sushi rolls. It has properties that can help with weight loss and the treatment and prevention of diabetes. Read more

Monday 21st December 2015

Flower of Sulphur

This natural mineral powder remedy is highly effective against most skin conditions in animals and humans and can help to treat various ailments such as Alzheimer's disease, arthritis, fungal infections, various parasites and Parkinson's disease to name a few. Sulphur is severely lacking in the modern day diet and this deficiency may be the cause of the rise of many ailments. Read more

Tuesday 15th December 2015

Rhinovirus (common colds and coughs)

The common cold is caused by the rhinovirus and there are many natural remedies that can help with both the prevention and recovery from this virus. Read more

Saturday 5th December 2015

The first run of Nature Cures books have been printed and are on their way to those that have ordered them.

Anti-angiogenic foods can prevent cancer growth

Preventing angiogenesis, which is the formation of new blood vessels that helps cancers to grow, can be done by adding anti-angiogenic foods to the daily diet. Read more

Tuesday 1st December 2015

Is the captagon drug fuelling terrorism?

The illegal drug, captagon is said to be fuelling terrorism as huge hauls of the tablets have been found in and around Syria. Read more

Friday 27th November 2015


Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition that causes facial redness and produces small, red, pus-filled pustules (bumps). Rosacea worsens with time if left untreated and is often mistaken for acne, eczema or an allergic reaction of some kind. Read more

Wednesday 24th November 2015

The Nature Cures book is finally at the printers!

Sunday 22nd November 2015


Most researchers believe fibromyalgia results not from a single event but from a combination of many physical and emotional factors. Read more

Thursday 12th November 2015

Kidney stones

Natural ways to dissolve and eliminate kidney stones. Read more.

Tuesday 10th November 2015

Nature Cures book

The long awaited book is finally available to order from this website with a 2.50 discount voucher code for overseas orders! Click here to get yours in time for Christmas.

Monday 19th October 2015

Skin cancer

Having more than eleven moles on one arm indicates a higher-than-average risk of skin cancer (melanoma). Read more

Sunday 11th October 2015


Strokes can be medically treated and the devastating effects reversed if a neurologist can treat the patient within three hours. If you ever see someone faint or fall over you could save their life by asking them four simple questions. Read more.

Latest Nature Cures book news

The book has at long last been typeset and indexed and should be going to print in the first week of November. Watch this space!

Latest news about Alzheimer's disease.

A research team from the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) at the University of Queensland (www.qbi.uq.edu.au) have documented astounding results with using a specific type of ultrasound to restore brain function in mice. By using a therapeutic ultrasound technique to beam sound waves into the brains of the mice, they were able to safely break up the protein lesions that caused a decrease in memory function. The results showed that the scientists were able to restore the memory function in 75% of the mice they tested. These results also came with absolutely no damage to the surrounding brain tissue. The team is planning on expanding their tests and hope to enter human trials by 2017.

Monday 12th October 2015

How to tell instantly if food is organic

PLU (Price Look Up) codes are the 4- or 5-digit numbers on produce stickers that have been used by supermarkets since 1990. They represent a globally standardised system implemented by the International Federation for Produce Standards (IFPS), a group of national produce associations from around the globe.

The system is based on 4-digit codes that are within the 3000 and 4000 series. The numbers are assigned randomly, that is, each digit does not imply anything specifically, just an overall identification number. As an example, a small Fuji apple has the code of 4129, a large Fuji apple has the code 4132.

If the 4-digit number is preceded by a 9, it indicates that it was grown organically.


Orchitis is an inflammation and swelling of one or both testicles. It is usually caused by a bacterial infection or by the mumps virus. Read more.


Coccinia is a medicinal herb used abundantly in India as it reduces inflammation in the body. It is particularly effective at treating diabetes, orchitis and urinary tract infections. It is also a good laxative and stimulates digestion and bile production in the liver. It can help to treat dysentery and parasitic infections of the intestines. Read more.

Land caltrop

The fruit, leaves and roots of land caltrop have properties known to optimise the function of the kidneys, liver, prostate and urinary tract  It is also good for treating sexual dysfunction in men and many other conditions such as diabetes and gout. Read more.

Thursday 24th September 2015

Natural relief for gout

Gout is a condition usually caused by having too much uric acid in the body and the deposition of monosodium urate crystals in tissues. Too much uric acid may not cause gout symptoms for years, but after a time it can cause painful joint inflammation and it is more common in men. The problem is often not with the amount of uric acid produced by the body, but the fact that the body cannot excrete it well. Read more

Tuesday 22nd September 2015

Natural relief for arthritis

Until the age of around 30-35 years, calcium and vitamin D in conjunction with other minerals and phytonutrients builds the body's skeletal system. A diet lacking in these vital nutrients up until then will lead to weakened brittle bones and teeth in later life because whenever the body requires extra nutrients not gained from the diet it will extract these nutrients from the bones. This is why it is important to keep up supplies of all nutrients through out the lifetime and especially after the age of 50 and during and after pregnancy. One of the most common bone disorders in later life is arthritis. Read more

Sunday 20th September 2015

Multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) affects the nerves in the brain and spinal cord, which causes problems with muscle movement, balance and vision. Vatious causes have been connected with the development of multiple sclerosis including excess iron build-up in the brain, bacterial infection and heavy metal contamination. Read more

Wednesday 16th September 2015

Natural remedies for colds and coughs

The cold virus can become virulent during the colder months and here are some ways to both avoid and treat colds, coughs and other symptoms of this viral infection. Read more

Wednesday 9th September 2015


All seaweeds are algae, but not all algae are seaweeds. Seaweeds are easily visible, made of many cells and grow in the sea and there are red, brown and green types. Many algae, such as diatoms, are microscopic and consist of a single cell. Seaweed and algae have been harvested for food in China from at least 550 AD and in Japan as early as 1000 AD. New Zealand has around 850 native algae, a third of which are very common and the Māori traditionally use species of red and green seaweed as food. Marine algae have more concentrated nutrition than vegetables grown on land. There are hundreds of types of edible algae and more are being discovered all the time. Some types have more calcium than cheese, more iron than beef and more protein than eggs, plus both algae and seaweed are rich sources of other phytonutrients and minerals. Read more

Nori seaweed

Nori is an edible red seaweed that is popular in East Asia, especially Japan and is used to wrap sushi. Made from porphyra and/or enteromorpha species of algae, nori often comes in thin sheets and has a black-purple colour which turns a deep green when toasted. Nori is one of the rare vegetables that contains cobalamin, a type of vitamin B12, in the form that’s bio-available to humans so is an excellent choice for vegetarians and vegans and others who avoid meat and dairy products. Read more

Samphire seaweed

Samphire is one of the first plants to colonise mud flats and, when harvesting, it should be cut, never pulled up by the roots. The roots have a binding effect in the mud and thus allows other plants to take hold, eventually this leads to a new habitat that eventually takes over to the detriment of the samphire. Samphire is highly nutritious and low in calories and is a good addition to the diet as its mineral content is far greater than land-based crops.

Saturday 12th September 2015

Acid reflux, heartburn and indigestion

Taking antacid and indigestion tablets and liquids can cause more problems than the one it is suppose to be addressing. These preparations can contain aluminium hydroxide, calcium carbonate, magnesium and sodium bicarbonate all of which can cause adverse health conditions especially when taken in excess. Antacid drugs can also affect other medications either increasing or decreasing their effects which can also cause complications  Read more

Monday 7th September 2015

The dangers of recreational drugs

Humans have been experimenting with body and mind altering substances since the beginning of time. Some people are able to withstand the effects of drugs and come through virtually unscathed whilst others can be damaged for life. Read more

Sunday 6th September 2015

The editing of the Nature Cures book has finally reached completion. It is now off to the typesetters, then will be indexed and then printed in Cornwall UK.


Moringa is a powerful and highly nutritious plant known to treat anxiety, depression, diabetes, skin disorders and sleep disorders. It can also provide a huge boost in energy and can even help provide a quicker recovery after a workout. It also protects the stomach lining and can treat ulcers, improves digestion and the immune system, improves the mood and lowers blood pressure and has a multitude of other health benefits. Read more

Thursday 27th August 2015

Yeast overgrowth could be the cause of many ailments

Trillions of varying species bacteria and yeasts reside in the gastro-intestinal tract and upon the skin. Normally, in the correct balance, they are harmless and some types of bacteria are actually beneficial and vital for human health and many processes that take place within the body. However, a great number of factors can quickly reduce the numbers of these beneficial bacteria and this is when an overgrowth of yeast can occur leading to many symptoms and chronic health conditions.  Read more

Wednesday 19th August 2015

Nature cures daily tonic

This is a highly nutritious green 'smoothie' that will not only help enhance sports performance but also aid in the fast repair of tissues after training. It is very rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, fibre, carotenoids, minerals and vitamins including all of the B complex and the eight amino acids required to build the body's muscles and cells. It is useful for everyone, especially those recovering from any illness, injury or surgery or suffering from any nutrient deficiencies and should be consumed everyday. Read more


Sexual health, improving fertility and combating the effects of menopause are only a few benefits this healing herb has to offer as it contains compounds that can balance the hormones. It has a centuries-long reputation for being a powerful aphrodisiac and has the ability to balance sex hormones and improve mood and overall brain health. It can also treat diabetes and is a great addition to the daily diet for those involved in sports and other intense activities. Read more

Tuesday 11th August 2015

Urine colour


Typically, the clearer and paler the urine is, the healthier the person is. People who regularly drink water have a pale yellow to clear coloured urine which, generally, shows that the body is properly hydrated. However, clear urine can also appear in those who are taking in too much water and may be dangerously close to water intoxication or over-hydration. Read more



Tuesday 4th August 2015

The importance of potassium

Potassium is essential to the life of every cell of a living being and is among the most generously and widely distributed of all the tissue minerals. Potassium is important especially for the eyes, heart and nervous system. Read more

Monday 3rd August 2015

Nature cures for improving symptoms of autism

A study in 2014 discovered that glucoraphanin, a molecule found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and kale, significantly improved the social interactions and verbal communications of persons with autism. When glucoraphanin is chewed or swallowed it produces a cancer-protective compound called sulphoraphane. Read more

Sunday 2nd August 2015

The dangers of alcohol

Alcohol, or ethyl alcohol (ethanol), refers to the intoxicating ingredient found in beer, spirits and wine. Alcohol arises naturally from carbohydrates when certain micro-organisms metabolise them in the absence of oxygen, called fermentation. Read more

Monday 27th July 2015

Nature cures book

Hammersmith Health Books, the publisher of the Nature Cures book due out soon, has decided to also publish a series of Nature Cures pocket books on various subjects covered on the website. The first one due out in the next few weeks will be 'Nutrition for Injury, Surgery and Infection'. To be informed of the date this will be available to purchase please  email: health@naturecures.co.uk

Sunday 26th July 2015

Nature cures for wound healing and infection

At some time during their lifetime, every one suffers an injury of some kind and many are not aware that there are numerous natural foods that can help the body heal faster. Some should be  taken internally and others used externally and there are some that can be used both ways. Any type of injury or surgical procedure to any part of the body causing inflammation and swelling or an open skin wound that will require extra nutritional support in order for the body to repair itself quickly and prevent infection. Read more

Friday 24th July 2015

Heavy metal contamination

Industrial use of heavy metals elements has caused spillage and leakages into the environment that have contaminated food resources and is cause for concern as they are toxic to animals and humans and can lead to many serious conditions when levels increase in the human body. They often go undetected for a long period of time and this can cause even more harm to organs like the brain, heart, kidneys, liver, lungs and the glandular, immune and nervous systems. Read more

Wednesday 22nd July 2015

How to make essential oils

Essential oil from herbs is often very expensive to purchase but it is relatively easy to make it at home. To extract the oil from the herbs, the leaves and flowers must be steam-distilled. Read more.


Monday 6th July 2015

Natural hair straighteners

Constantly using electric heat rods to straighten the hair can seriously damage it and prevent it from growing any longer. They may work temporarily but, in the long run, they will make the hair become brittle, thin and break off easily especially if done in conjunction with hair dyes and hair dryers. It is always best to use a natural powerful moisturiser rather than dry heat as this can dry out the hair even further defeating the object of ever gaining long straight and shining healthy hair. Read more.


Friday 26th June 2015

Green barley juice

Green barley juice is said to contain eleven times the calcium in cows' milk, nearly five times the iron in spinach, seven times the vitamin C in oranges, and, unusual for plant food sources, it contains 80 mcg of vitamin B12 per hundred grams. Read more.

Friday 12th June 2015

Genetically modified crops

Interfering with the genetics of plants on such a fundamental level interrupts evolution and to introduce them into the wild before knowing enough about what may be the consequence is perhaps somewhat irresponsible. Read more.

Monday 8th June 2015

Remedies to unclog the arteries

This daily tonic will help to remove plaque in blocked arteries when taken regularly every day. It also cleanses the liver and the blood. Read more

Saturday 30th May 2015

Setting up the Nature Cures Nutritional Therapy Clinic in Twickenham UK.

Sunday 17th May 2015

Make your own mosquito trap

With summer almost upon us it is wise to  protect against mosquito bites especially in areas where they carry diseases. Find out how to make your own very simple and cheap mosquito trap.

Saturday 16th May 2015

High nutrient recipes

The recipes on this page are good for everyone to include in their diet but especially beneficial for athletes in training and anyone else participating in intense physical activities. Read more

Thursday 14th May 2015

The importance of magnesium

Magnesium is a highly under-rated mineral that is involved in over 300 vital bioprocesses within the body. It has become apparent that probably 80% of people, who live in the developed world, are now deficient in this highly important element. Read more

Monday 4th May 2015

Roasted rosemary rabbit and a rainbow vegetable bake

Rabbit and pheasant are the two highest sources of all the eight essential amino acids required by the body for repair of tissues as well as being very low in fat. Rabbit, which is far less gamey than pheasant, is an excellent meat to roast although most believe it must be stewed. This is not so. This colourful and highly nutritious dish will also provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals required to keep the body fit and well and should be consumed at least once a fortnight. See Recipe

Saturday 3rd May 2015

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has amazing properties for health and, as it is antibacterial and anti-fungal, can be used to clean both the body and the home. Read more

Tuesday 28th April 2015

Natural home-made fabric softener

Vinegar naturally removes soap residue and helps with static reduction during drying. It also contains small amounts of sodium and potassium which help to soften hard water. Read more

Monday 27th April 2015

The importance of vitamin D

Vitamin D is a group of fat-soluble secosteroids responsible for the intestinal absorption of calcium which assists in bone growth and the integrity of bone and promotes strong teeth. It also helps regulate the amount of phosphorus and magnesium in the body and helps to maintain a healthy heart and nervous system. Read more.

Saturday 25th April 2015

Pain and inflammation causing foods

There are many seemingly healthy foods that can cause an inflammatory response in some people. This could be due to allergies, genetics,  a sedentary lifestyle or over indulgence of high glycoalkaloid or lectin containing foods. Read more.

Saturday 18th April 2015

Grow your own Nature Cures

The best way to ensure you and your family and friends only consume organic, untainted and nutrient-rich foods is to grow your own herbs, fruits and vegetables. This can be done in the smallest of plots or even on a balcony, roof garden or windowsill with a raised box or pots and other types of planters. Read more

Monday 6th April 2015

Boiled water dangers

If water is boiled for a long time, or re-boiled, it can concentrate elements such as nitrates, arsenic and fluoride which then become toxic. There is a concern that re-boiled water may lead a person to develop cancer and other ailments. This concern is not unfounded. While the boiled water is fine, increasing the concentration of toxic substances may put people at risk for certain illnesses. Read more

Saturday 4th April 2015

Mosquito borne infections

Mosquitoes cause more human suffering than any other organism. Over one million people worldwide die from mosquito-borne diseases every year. Not only can mosquitoes carry diseases that afflict humans, they also transmit several diseases and parasites that cattle, dogs and horses are very susceptible to. Read more

Nature cures for pets

There are many commonly used household products, human foods and plants which are toxic to animals and most people are unaware of them all. When animals are sick natural remedies are especially effective as they do not cause side effects like prescribed medications can. Read more

Thursday 2nd April 2015


Chikungunya is a viral disease spread by mosquitoes that bite during daylight hours and is common in Africa and, currently, there is no specific conventional treatment but there are natural remedies. The name chikungunya is derived from a word meaning "to become contorted" from the African Kimakonde language. It cannot be spread by person-to-person contact only by a mosquito bite. Read more.

Cattle tongue

Cattle tongue Is a plant native to the Caribbean and Africa which has several medicinal uses. Read more

Wednesday 1st April 2015

Plans to grow to repel mosquitoes

Basil, catnip, garlic, lavender, lemon balm, lemon grass, lemon thyme, marigolds and rosemary plants can repel mosquitoes so are useful to grow near to windows and doors.

Monday 30th March 2015

The author of this website, Nat H Hawes, has agreed to do a free talk about Nutrition for Mental Health for the Together As One (TAO) charity on Wednesday 11th April 2015. http://www.togetherasone.co.uk

Nat H Hawes achieved a Grade A pass with distinction for Sports Nutrition.

Monday 23rd March 2015

Foot disorders

Natural remedies for Athlete's foot, Blisters, Bunions, Calluses, Corns, Foot odour and Foot pain. Read more.

Sunday 15th March 2015

High blood pressure

High blood pressure often has no symptoms or warning signs. If it stays elevated above 120/80 mmHg over time and is uncontrolled, it can lead to heart and kidney disease as well as a stroke. High blood pressure causes the heart to work harder than normal putting both the heart and arteries at greater risk of damage. High blood pressure, or hypertension, increases the risk of heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure, damage to the eyes, congestive heart failure, atherosclerosis and many other medical problems. Read more

Saturday 14th March 2015

Chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome causes extreme exhaustion which affects every day life and this is not rectified by rest or sleep. Individuals with ME may also suffer from sarcoidosis, fibromyalgia, muscular pains and are often unable to concentrate.

Some doctors mistakenly believe that ME is a psychological illness but there are physical causes for these disorders and inflammation, due to the over activity of the immune system, is often present in those suffering from ME. Read more

Tuesday 10th March 2015

Toothache, tooth decay and gum disease

The teeth and gums need to be cared for through out life as the bacteria that flourish there can destroy the teeth silently beneath the gums without any symptoms for some time. Consuming too much sugary or carbohydrate foods can help feed the pathogenic bacteria and certain chemical conditions such as smoking can even cause friendly bacteria to switch into pathogenic types and begin to attack the teeth gums. Read more.

Pain and inflammation

Pain and inflammation is the body's natural response to make a person aware there is an adverse condition developing that needs immediate attention and should not be ignored. Dulling pain by the use of pain medications without resolving the underlying root cause can lead to more serious damage. Many natural foods, herbs and spices have anti-inflammatory properties that can help to alleviate the pain. Read more.

Sunday 8th March 2015

Parkinson's disease

Updated information and nutrients required to help treat Parkinson's disease. Read more

Wednesday 4th March 2015

Bladder stones

Over production of uric acid in a high protein diet, however, can cause damage and gout is one common outcome. High levels of uric acid in the blood, also called hyperuricemia, can result from either increased production of uric acid in the body or decreased excretion of it through the kidneys and can lead to problems other problems such as like arthritis, gout, bladder and kidney stones and kidney failure. Recent studies have also associated high blood uric acid levels with hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Read more

Tuesday 3rd March 2015

A- Z of inorganic nutrients - minerals

Added the highest sources of minerals with known functions in the human body. Read more.

Monday 2nd March 2015

Heart attacks

If a person has suffered a heart attack, place one teaspoon of cayenne chilli pepper in a cup of  warm water and get them to drink it immediately. It will help them to recover quickly and could save their life. Chilli pepper is known to prevent heart attacks as well and one teaspoon should be taken every day as a tea or with a meal as a spice. Besides lowering LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels, it also helps to dissolve blood clots in the circulatory system and cleanses the liver. Read more

Sunday 1st March 2015

Sexually transmitted diseases

It is important to always get tested by a health professional after any type of treatment for sexually transmitted disease to ensure it has worked and all former partners must be informed because to leave these infections untreated can lead to serious health complications especially to pregnant women and their unborn child. Some people show few signs and symptoms and will be unaware that they may carry a disease. It is strongly recommended that an individual has regular and thorough tests at least once every three months, when sexually active, especially when there has been more than one partner involved. Read more.

Thursday 26th February 2015

The A-Z of organic nutrients and compounds

Revised version of this page with many new nutrients and compounds, their functions and natural sources added. Read more.

The Nature Cures book is now being typeset, then it will be indexed and published.

Monday 23rd February 2015

Perilla leaves

Perilla leaves are a member of the Lamiaceae or mint family. and are used for both their culinary and medicinal properties and the seeds of the herb can be pressed to make an oil that is rich in omega-3 fatty acid, specifically linolenic acid. Read more

Friday 20th February 2015


The bilberry plant is a close relative of the blueberry and is amongst the numerous species in the Ericaceae family. The bilberry has historical uses since the 16th century based upon both the dried berries and leaves of this shrub. The bilberries have four times the anthocyanidin content of blueberries which provides strength to capillaries, which, in turn, help in the normal circulation of blood throughout body and keep the brain and eyes functioning well. Read more

Tuesday 17th February 2015


The modern lifestyle is one of stress through striving to keep up with ever-increasing demands, both work-related and personal. This often leads to using something to help deal with or escape from it all. When habits or behaviours come to dominate daily life and people find themselves powerless to stop the damage they are causing to themselves or others, despite many promises to do so, then it is very likely that they have become addicted. Read more

Wednesday 18th February 2015

A-Z of ailments

Updated the list and links of the A to Z of human ailments page. Read more

Ear disorders

The ears do not just detect auditory sounds and send the messages to the brain, they are also involved in balance and positioning of the body. The ear has external, middle and inner part. Read more

Thursday 12th February 2015


The foods consumed and toxins ingested can have an effect on eggs and sperm for up to 90 days ahead which is why it is important to consume foods that only have a beneficial effect and remove toxins three months ahead of the time for a planned conception. Organically grown food and meat from grass-fed free-range animals that contain no chemical pesticides, antibiotics and hormones will greatly improve the chances of conception.. Read more

Wednesday 11th February 2015


New information added to this page. Read more

Monday 9th February 2015


A water molecule has three atoms: two hydrogen (H) atoms and one oxygen (O) atom and is the major vital component necessary for life to exist. The human body is made up of 50 to 75 percent water and it forms the basis of blood, digestive juices, lymph, semen, tears, urine and perspiration and is contained in lean muscle, fat and bones. Read more

Sunday 8th February 2015

Ideal protein intake levels

The dietary requirement of of protein for humans depends upon factors such as age, body weight, lean body mass (body weight minus fat weight) and physical activity levels including the type, intensity and frequency. Excess protein can lead to some very serious health issues. Read more

Body mass index chart

This chart shows if the body weight is considered ideal, overweight, underweight or obese. Read more

Laxative abuse

Some people , especially those with eating disorders, have begun to take laxatives in a bid to lose weight. Most shops allow children to purchase these drugs with no questions asked and they are seriously dangerous for the health. Read more


Lithium button batteries

Children, especially between the ages of twelve months and six years old, can mistake the shiny lithium button shaped (coin) batteries for sweets and swallow them. These batteries do not have to be chewed, crushed or damaged to cause serious harm as it is not what is inside the battery that is a hazard. Read more

Saturday 7th February 2015

Air-purifying houseplants

New page showing which house plants (with photographs) can remove what pollutants in the home environment and how to care for them. Read more

Friday 6th February 2015

Natural ways to remove hair

In medical terms, abnormal hair growth (on the face as well as the body) in women is called hirsutism. It has been observed that individuals with dark hair or pigmentation are likely to be hairier than those with a lighter pigmentation or blonde hair. People typically have hair almost everywhere on the body, except on the nails and eyeballs. Thus, women do have facial hair, but it is usually only very fine light coloured hair. Unwanted facial hair can become an embarrassing beauty concern for women, especially when they age and their oestrogen levels change due to menopause. Read more

Indian nettle

Indian nettle, is native to India as its name indicates. It is a medicinal herb having expectorant, emetic, anodyne, hypnotic, antimicrobial , anti-parasitic and wound healing properties. Read more

Tuesday 3rd February 2015


Added a Body Mass Index chart and more information to the obesity page.

Monday 2nd February 2015

Calories in food and drinks

A new printable page showing the calories in food and drinks.

Calories burned during various activities

A new printable page showing the calories burned in various activities including sports, occupations, hobbies and dancing. It includes a calculator which you can use to work out how many calories you would burn when walking depending upon your wait and how long and brisk you walk for.

Sunday 1st February 2015

The Nature Cures website reached one million hits today with no advertising or publicity.

Sports nutrition

For athletes, dancers, drummers, footballers, rugby players, soldiers, surfers and all those who participate in, or have occupations that involve, regular intense physical exertion, endurance and stamina. Factors such as dehydration and glycogen replenishment are important and this new page explains what nutrients are vital for athletes and dancers and provides nutritious recipes which are healthy choices for everyone but especially for those that participate in high-energy physical activities. Read more

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