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Silver is a mineral element with the atomic number of 47. Colloidal silver is reputed to have many health benefits. It has shown a very powerful potential to kill harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses. It can also soothe burns, repair skin and tissue damage and treat acne, rashes, scars and sty's.


Colloidal silver is easily digested and therefore easily absorbed into the internal organs that need it most. This ease of absorption helps the benefits of colloidal silver work fast. Colloidal silver is a suspension of sub-microscopic metallic silver particles in a colloidal base. A colloidal substance is any which has the quality of having another substance diffused evenly throughout it.

The infection fighting benefits of silver has been known since Roman times. Soldiers in the Roman legions would always place a silver coin into their water containers on their long marches into battle, to help prevent the water from becoming bacterially contaminated. It is said they would also beat pure silver into a thin foil and wrap the silver foil around wounds received in battle, to help prevent the wounds from becoming infected, and thus allowing them to recover quickly to fight again.

The presence of silver in the human body appears to "prime" white blood cells to go on the offensive against cancers, pathogens, toxins and other invaders, which may be why so many chronic degenerative diseases seemed to respond so well to colloidal silver. It also has the ability to carry oxygen throughout the body, (much like the iron in haemoglobin) wherever extra oxygen might be needed. Additionally, it has the ability to boost the production of red blood cells, which are the body's main carriers of oxygen to the tissues and organs.

Scientists have found that the microscopic, electrically generated silver particles in a liquid colloidal solution could be safely ingested in order to heal a wide variety of ailments, including internal infections such as colds and flu, food poisoning, urinary tract infection, candida yeast infections, infections of the internal organs such as the kidneys and liver, sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis and gonorrhoea, HIV/AIDS, parasites, cancer, tetanus and even deadly diseases like bubonic plague, anthrax disease and numerous others. It has been proved that there were hardly any infectious organisms in existence which were not subject to the incredible antimicrobial qualities of colloidal silver. In laboratory tests, over 650 different infectious microorganisms were found to be no match for colloidal silver.

Silver has also been found to successfully treat many other diseases including:


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Silver overdose

Argyria is a condition of excess silver in the body which can turn the skin blue/grey in colour. The estimated amount of silver accumulation over a one-year period that is required to produce argyria is 1 to 5 grams. Whilst silver can successfully treat infection, over use of more than one month is not recommended as a build up of levels of silver in the body can cause irreversible neurologic toxicity, arteriosclerosis, organ damage, coma and death.

Natural sources of silver

Hemp seeds (raw and unrefined with husks)

How to make colloidal silver

To make digestible colloidal silver a very small specially designed generator is required plus distilled (cooled boiled) water and two six-inch strands of pure.999 fine silver wire, referred to as "silver electrodes," or "silver rods". Dangle the two silver rods in a glass of distilled water, hooked the little generator up to them with a pair of alligator clips that come with the generator and let it run. The electrical current from the generator flows through the silver rods and drive microscopic pieces of silver into the distilled water, suspending them there with an electrical charge. The end result is a solution of pure colloidal silver. Some generators do not work well and produce molecules of silver that are too large to be absorbed so finding the correct one is important.

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