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1130 pages of natural medicinal foods and nutrients and the health disorders they can treat. Nat Hawes has spent 15 years researching and compiling this book which brings together both the health problems that can be helped by nutritional interventions, and the healing properties of natural foods. It is a must have for all households and by purchasing it you are also helping the author to keep on updating this natural health resource...


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£19.99 (Includes free delivery in the UK)



You can also visit the publishers website to buy the book in print or as an Ebook using a credit or debit card for deliveries anywhere in the world here:

Hammersmith Health Books

For a £2.50 discount, on the publisher's website, add the coupon code NC2015 when you get to the checkout.

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The A to Z of Ailments and Natural Foods

  • Author: Nat H Hawes SNHS Dip (Advanced Nutrition and Sports Nutrition)

  • Publisher: Hammersmith Health Books

  • Dimensions of book: 19 cm x 25 cm x 5.5 cm

  • BIC: VF

  • Pages: 1130

  • Price print: £24.99

  • Price EBook £14.99


  • Section 1, The A to Z of the Human Body, ailments and natural remedies

  • Section 2, The A to Z of Hazards to Human Health and natural alternatives

  • Section 3, Nature Cures and Safeguards which includes the following:

  1. The A to Z of Natural Foods, their nutritional content and health benefits.

  2. The A to Z of Organic Nutrients, their functions, health benefits and natural sources.

  3. The A to Z of Minerals, their functions, health benefits and natural sources.


Nature Cures book reviews

"Highly recommended. Amazingly informative book - it seems to have the answer to everything! Highly recommended"
Eileen M. UK

"HIGHLY INFORMATIVE. This is an amazing book i highly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in healthy living"
Sefat, UK

"Brilliant book. good source of information. This book is absolutely brilliant, good source of knowledge and information highly recommend, i am so pleased i bought it.. so hard to put down."
Amazon customer, UK

"Five stars. As expected."
Jon, UK

"GREAT NEWS TO SPREAD!!! This is an EXCELLANT BOOK!!! I highly recommend to ANY ONE!!!!... I've been trying to get this book for three years now. And now that I finally actually received it. I'm like a child with a new toy except I will NEVER put this toy down because it keeps me of interest :) I was able to make my Newborn Baby some Cream for fungus :)"
Lesslie, UK

Thanks let me assure your book will break records the world will look for this book with anxiety your book is next to bible.”
Mawuko, Ghana, West Africa

"This book is "Fantastic". I am positive this will be a valuable resource for my family and me for years to come. It is amazing at how much valuable information can be read about and discovered within this book. I am so happy that I purchased this!"
Rebecca, USA

"Very very interesting and lists a host of things. things to avoid. things to take. A bit expensive tho but probably a book to treasure for complete reference and natural alternatives".
Mrs H, UK

Note from the author Dear Mrs H, we tried to keep the costs as low as possible to get all of the information into this 1130 page book at a weight under 2 kg so that postage was not astronomical. It took 12 years for me to write it and three years for it to be edited and this was the cheapest it could be done. Warm wishes, Nat H Hawes, author

"I am so impressed with this book! Jam packed with everything I need and wish to know about the medicinal benefits of foods. This will stay with me and be passed on through the family. Mum already wants one and I am recommending to all my friends and clients!"
Ti'anna Smith,  QLD Australia

"This will be useful for many years. This book is fascinating, and truly comprehensive. I am working my way through it, and learning from every page. Worth every penny."

Kevin Swain, UK


"Found the website awesome and was on the waiting list until book was available as it would be great to have as a reference book.  Although I am looking forward to reading the whole book. Many thanks its a fantastic manual."

Karen Yefet, UK


"This being my second purchase of your book speaks volumes in its self even though its a gift for a third party. When you are on medication from the doctor, as you well know, any problems with that is corrected with further issues of medication and so on, and so on, until you are virtually under control of pills which may help your problem but in return create a problem. In my case when I came across your publication a thorough comprehensive issue of possible alternatives with no strings attached {natures answer}. At last you feel within a degree IN CONTROL and so well investigated and explained it is 99% of doubt is erased well done highly recommend."

John Johnson, UK


"A must have book for everyone. I have always been a believer in good book covers, so this book didn't disappoint and more to the point the content is amazing. Every household should own one. It is clearly written, well indexed and covers so much. I have bought a number of books relating to natural cures in the past, but all of them together don't come near to this book and, better still, I now have everything under one cover. I can highly recommend it to everyone."

Gabrielle Cattani, UK


"As this book is so comprehensive, I have only used it for reference on certain subjects, so far and have learnt such a lot to help me with my health problems. It is so very informative and interesting, I have recommended it to family and friends. I certainly wouldn't be without it, a must for any family."

Loretta Bunn, England


"Thank you. Received it yesterday and am very pleased with the book. I am a firm believer in 'Natures Cures' and this will be a great reference book for myself and the family for years to come. Many thanks again."

Ann Fudge, UK


"Fantastic! I have just received my copy of this book and found it incredibly informative. I would recommend it to everyone with any kind of health issue as they will find a natural solution somewhere in this huge book of over one thousand pages."

Michael Wharrad, UK


"Nature Cures has made me change the way I eat and added to a better healthier life and I use it as a preventative measure. I think that the research and publication on the Nature Cures website is such a valuable body of information that it should be published in a book and be a part of EVERY household."
Terry Rodgers, New York USA


  • at last i have found a book that gives useful information in an understandable format-woopee!

  • Brilliant and all encompassing.

  • A really helpful book. can't live without it now.

  • An amazing book. It's the bible of nutrition. Every household should have it on their shelves.
    Great book.

  • A wonderful book. Comprehensive, easy to read and potentially life changing.

  • Interesting book which is easy to navigate through.

Review from the Journal of the Scientific and Medical Network.



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New books due out soon in the Nature Cures series

Hammersmith Health Books, the publisher of the Nature Cures book, has decided to also publish a series of Nature Cures pocketbooks on various subjects covered on the website.  Books in the Nature Cures pocketbook series are available now and can be purchased for £4.99 by clicking the book covers below.


Grow your own health garden book

New books in the Nature Cures pocketbook series due out soon

  1. Let Roots be Your Medicine

  2. Nature's Colour Codes

  3. Natural Performers and Sports Nutrition

  4. Control Diabetes Naturally

  5. Recovery from Injury, Surgery and Infection

  6. Natural Relief for Pain and Inflammation

  7. Eliminate Parasites Naturally

  8. Natural Ways to Thin the Blood

To be informed of when these will available to purchase please email: health@naturecures.co.uk

"Nature cures not the physician..." Hippocrates 460 BC

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